Chris Honch was born on April 16, 1969 to Ukrainian immigrants Anna and Andre’ Honch.  Born in Westwood, New Jersey, Chris was the third of four children.


Chris was always fun to be around as a child with his playful and mischievous personality.  He loved the outdoors in any type of weather.  He would enjoy swimming or biking in the summer.  There was always a snowball fight or a trek to the hill for sledding in the winter.

As Chris grew older, his spirit and charisma grew with him, always exuding a great energy.  He was very social and enjoyed talking with people.  He loved playing basketball or golf, being with his family and friends, and playing with his nieces and children of his friends.  There also was a very insightful and sensitive side to him.  He found quiet times to play his guitar or go to church to pray.   As an adult, he lived in the greatest city in the world to him, Manhattan.  He created the life he wanted surrounded by exciting places and interesting people.  He would not have wanted to be anywhere else at the time of his tragic and untimely passing.


There is no way to truly describe an individual like Chris in words.  He was unique, wonderful and irreplaceable.  So much more than just a list of hobbies and activities. Bigger than the city he lived in and loved.  Better than a career in the great world of finance.  He was simply the best.  We all love him and can never forget him.